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ThePensieve.org is a Harry Potter related web site aimed at both fun and serious research. Our goal is to make the entire Harry Potter world easily searchable, so that you can quickly find your favorite quotation, word, character, creature or fact...

Here we have:

fontThe Exhibition: H.P. at the Museum of Science and Industry. ThePensieve.org reports on Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL

fontDR.VMcK travels to NY to experence Equus on Broadway. Also VMcK explains how to get autographs at Equus. See the videos in the videoplayer

fontThis site is always in progress, so return often to see what's new. Right now there's a first hand account of the J.K. Rowlings reading at Carnegie Hall on Friday October 19, 2007 and a corrected transcript of her commemcement address at harvard on June 15, 2008. And still there's more. Like pics in the Photo index

fontFun Harry Potter questionnaires and puzzle to share with your friends at your Harry Potter parties! Teachers and parents can also use them to stimulate discussion and learning related to the Harry Potter books.

fontMovie dialogue transcripts with the parts that came word-for-word from the Harry Potter books highlighted in color. Great for those interested in how the scripts were written and how the movies relate to the books.

font Tables summerizing essential facts and statistics about the compete set of Harry Potter books and audio books, by chapter or CD. Or on which CD(s) and track(s) on the audio books).

Thoughout thepensieve.org we've sprinkled some of the best Harry Potter fan art on the web. Hopefully, in time we'll add enough to build a gallery of great fan art. You got any? Can we post it?

We strive for accuracy, and to bring you Harry Potter facts and resources found nowhere else. But we still provide links to other cool H.P. sites. So make the Pensieve.org your research companion, and please stop back often for new content. Please, suggestions are welcome, enjoy

Oh, the Harry Potter songs have moved to there own page and we've included the tunes give a listen and maybe hum along.

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Flower.swf roytanck.com Prologue from the sound track by John Williams

fontThe entire word-for-word dialogue transcripts of each of the movies (so far), as spoken on screen by the actors, including as much background (extras) conversation as possible.


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The Mary GrandPre Exhibit.Interview and GrandPre art

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” is coming to Universal Studios in Orlando